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    Back Bay Cash Calendars Winners

    It is finally FEBRUARY!!!!  Cash calendars have been collected and we are ready to announce the winners!  Please check back daily to see who has won.  Thank you to all that bought a calendar!!

    February 1st:   David Sutton $150  sold by Ashton Stevens

    February 2nd:  Stephen Hopkins $100 sold by Jake and Zach Dubuc

    February 3rd:  Alice Bartlett $50  sold by Aaron Bartlett

    February 4th:  Mike Danais $60 sold by Will Danais

    February 5th:  Paula Perez $100 sold by Cam Morrill

    February 6th:  The Demain Family $75.00  sold by Nate and Liza Demain

    February 7th:  The Harrington Family $50 sold by Evan and Adelle Harrington

    February 8th:  Mark MacDonald $60 sold by Carson MacDonald

    February 9th:  Megan Ouellette $500 sold by Emma Ouellette

    February 10th:  Connor Paige $60 sold by Connor Paige

    February 11th:  Claude Ouellet $75 sold by Ryder Ouellet

    February 12th:  Holly Libby $150 sold by Parker Aucion

    February 13th:  Tammy Jones $60 sold by Shaw Swinerton

    February 14th:  Becky Bartlett $150  sold by the Bartlett/O'Keefe Family

    February 15th:  Maggie Lacroix $50 sold by Ricky Sevigney

    February 16th:  Stacie Verrill  $100 sold by the Bartlett/O'Keefe Family

    February 17th:  $50  Amanda Logan sold by James Rogers

    February 18th:  $200  Dave Masse  sold by the Bartlett/O'Keefe Family

    February 19th:  $50.00 Sam Gilpatrick sold by the Gilpatrick Family
















    2019 Pop Whalen ST. Patrick's Day Invitational

    2019 Pop Whalen ST. Patrick's Day Invitational

    Come join us for the Saint Patrick's Day Hockey Invitational for Mini-Mites and Mites on March 16 and 17th.    The link will be live on Monday.  This will be a tourney that you won't want to miss!

    For more information contact :

    Click on the flyer to be taken to the the registration page.  

    Once you are on the page scroll down to Back Bay Hockey and register your Mite or Mini-Mites team.  

    If you are also interested you will see the Ryan Goggin tourney for a few weekends after that.  

    Below is a different link if you need it for registering.


    On December 27th, Back Bay hosted the 3rd Annual Big Moose with over 20-teams participating. The 3v3 tournament hosted teams from NH, MA, and ME! 

    Thank you to all the volunteers who made the Big Moose a success! 

    Congratulations to the following teams who took home some tournament hardware:

    Mites - Champion: New England Beast, Runner Up: Lake Monsters

    Squirts - Champion: Hooligans, Runner Up: Goal Diggers

    Pee Wee - Champion: Lunatics, Runner Up: Ice Rats

    Thank you to all the teams that  participated. The money raised from the registration fees will be donated this year to the Gilford chapter of The Cure Starts Now.

    We will see you all next year!

    Street Hockey


    Congrats Squirt 1's! GSL Champs!