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All winners of the daily cash prize drawings are now posted here! Congrats to the Mite team for exceeding their team goal and winning a team pizza party! Individual players who sold the most cash calendars are: 1st place Ashton Stevens (winner of 4 Bruins tix), 2nd place the O'Keefe/Bartlett boys (winner of Pure Hockey gift certificate), and 3rd place Riley Smith (winner of Pure Hockey gift certificate)!


2/1: The Pinard Family $100 - sold by Wade Brown

2/2: Mike Cicchetto $50 - sold by Ashton Stevens

2/3: Carol LaPierre $75 - sold by Dylan Mathieu

2/4: Greg Bowen $100 - sold by Wade Brown

2/5: Chuck Mathieu $60 - sold by Dylan Mathieu

2/6: Joe Pollini $100 - sold by Reid Swinerton

2/7: Madison Mathieu $75 - sold by Dylan Mathieu

2/8: Jo Corbett $50 (donated back to Back Bay) - sold by Zackary Corbett

2/9: Crystal McLain $75 - sold by Chloe McLain 

2/10: Dawn LaMontagne $250 - sold by Gage LaMontagne

2/11: Dave & Deb Denby $60 - sold by Bartlett/O'Keefe boys

2/12: Angela Treamer $75 - sold by Jason Treamer

2/13: Donald French $150 (donated $100 back to Back Bay) - sold by Dylan Cash

2/14: Sean Sheahan $250 - sold by Oleg Sheahan

2/15: Karla Case $150 - sold by Nick Potenza

2/16: Victor LaPierre $50 - sold by Dylan Mathieu

2/17: Nancy Hess $100 - sold by Tyler Coleman

2/18: Anonymous $50 (donated back to Back Bay) - sold by Jake and Zach Dubuc

2/19: Linda Sheff $150 - sold by Landon Eaton

2/20: Breanne Blakney $50 - sold by Ashton Stevens

2/21: Susan Rogers $100 - sold by Case Rogers

2/22: Krishna Lefebvre $60 - sold by Riley Smith

2/23: Dottie Doucette $50 - sold by Zackary Dubuc

2/24: Susan Rogers $100 - sold by Case Rogers

2/25: Demain Family $75 - sold by Nate and Liza Demain

2/26: Teshia O'Keefe $200 - sold by Myles O'Keefe 

2/27: Liz Venus $75 - sold by Grady & Owen Steele

2/28: Vivian Eaton $100 (donated back to Back Bay) - sold by Tucker Eaton

Fundraising Responsibilities for 2017-18

Money received from our fundraising efforts is used to pay for ice rental, league fees, game officials, pucks, first aid kits. goalie equipment and other incidentals.  Through our fundraising efforts, we purchased and added skate sharpening to the rink. Our goal is to add much needed locker rooms to the rink in the near future. These fundraising efforts allow Back Bay to be one of the least expensive organizations in the state. 

This year, one of our key fundraising initiatives approved by the Back Bay Board of Directors is the Cash Calendar Raffle.

Cash Calendar Raffle (mandatory for each family): Between November 2017-January 29th 2018, each family with one player must sell 20 calendars; if you have two or more players in your family you must sell 25 calendars. All calendars must be sold and proceeds returned to your coach(es) by January 29th, no exceptions.

Prizes will be awarded to the three families that sells the most calendars as follows:

  • First Prize: 4 Tickets to the Bruins vs. Senators game on 4/7/18
  • Second Prize:  $150 gift certificate to Pure Hockey
  • Third Prize: $100 gift certificate to Pure Hockey

In addition to family prizes, the team that exceeds their calendar sales goal by the greatest percentage will win a team pizza party!